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Bedroom in a

Bedroom in a Box

The “Bedroom in a box” program idea comes from a recent TGH rehab patient, 10 year old Audriana Mejias
who spent a month rehabbing at TGH following brain surgery at St Joseph’s hospital.

The small changes to her room
made a huge difference in her
emotional state for the rest of
the time she was in the
hospital and she believes so
many other kids could benefit
from the same.

That’s why we are excited to announce our first program, “Bedroom in a Box”. We want children to be as comfortable as possible when at medical facilities away from home.

Audriana spent a month at St Joseph’s hospital recovering before being medically stable enough to begin rehabbing at TGH. Although she could not speak, walk or eat on her own she never shed a single tear until the day she was transferred to TGH where at one point she began to cry uncontrollably and whispered to her dad “I just want to go home. I just miss my bed”. Her dad and mom wasted little time getting to the nearest store to buy a comforter similar to the one she had at home, some LED lights to hang up, some pictures frames and a few other small knick knacks.

Sprout Foundation Children's Book

One of the founding board members, Jeff, wrote a children's book in honor of his daughter and their traumatic time together when she fought her life with brain surgery. The book outlines the things that they still love to do together and how it bonded them even closer.

Our Book is Available On The Following Sites

All proceeds directly benefit The Sprout Foundation

Request a Box

Step 1

Parents/Families in need fill out a
request form to receive a box for
their child in need.

Step 2

The request form is reviewed.

Step 3

The request is approved and
box is created and delivered to
child at hospital.

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